Handmade Joyful Notebook Workshop Takvimi İncele

Make your own inspirational and signature notebook

A three-hours of fun notebooks’ making; starting with learning all together some basic binding techniques, Participants are then invited to explore new ideas and think a bit outside the box to create their inspirational and signature notebooks.

Artists, designers, and thinkers all over the world use notebooks to jot down their ideas, thoughts, intuitions, which later evolve into something bigger and more valuable.

Working on the making of notebooks and their customizations, at the end of the Workshop, participants will have their own hand-made notebooks, objects that reflect their own personalities, and that can support and encourage new ideas and intuitions.

The Participants are guided through the complex world of notebooks’ making. Starting from the basic of page folding Participants will then move to cover and internal pages’ customisation and will then realise their own joyful notebook.

Carefully sourced, coloured papers, pencils, stickers, Japanese washi tapes and many more creative materials collected from paper lovers all over the world will be made available to the Participants to personalize and customize their own notebooks.



21 Ekim 2017 10:30 - 13:30